2014 Art Updates

2014 Art Updates

2014 flew by with days filled with travels around the country and abroad. January through early March I made 3 trips to my hometown, Quincy, FL for a two-person exhibit at the Gadsden Art Center with Liu Nan, Tallahassee artist. There we were warmly received. While there Fish Dreams sold to an anonymous collector from California making my day.

Back in the studio, I worked on several new paintings: Farm Memories and Golden Eye. Each was inspired by local friends and kayaking experiences.

In May, artist and traveling friend, Susan Martin and I spent 23 days in Portugal and Spain. Fifteen days were part of a tour through the Iberian Peninsula where we stayed in Spanish paradores and Portuguese pousadas, medieval monasteries, historic fortresses, and stately palaces.

Always inspired by the open landscape, Portugal and Spain offered cork tree and olive groves. The rolling terrain ranged from fields of intense reds, greens, and yellows to earthy, muted browns. Blurring flowering bushes hugged the roadways yielding to deep eroded ravines, curving roads, snow topped mountains, and vast plains spotted with grazing sheep, bulls or donkeys, windmills, castle relics, farmhouses, and distant villages. Each twist in the road heightened my expectations for what was coming next. Using colored pencils on the pages of my small sketchbook I quickly grabbed snippets of sites that I saw and created narrative impressions of fleeting memories. As a result, several traveling companions watched me work and liked my sketches. Two requested paintings. I was so inspired by the colors and spontaneity of mark that I couldn’t stop painting. I realize I have enough material to continue painting from my sketches and photos for a very long time.


Windmills on the Road to Toledo, Oil on Canvas, 20”H x 24”W, N. Baur Dillen, 2014 SOLD

Olive Grove on Road to Toledo, Oil on Canvas, 20”H x 20”W, N. Baur Dillen, 2014

Olive Groves and Melia Trees on the Road to Ronda, Oil on Canvas, 20”H x 20”W,

N. Baur Dillen, 2014 SOLD

Leaving Evora, Oil on Canvas, 24”Hx20” W, N. Baur Dillen, 2014

Sheep Grazing in Field on Road to Toledo, Oil on Canvas, 24”Hx20W, N. Baur Dillen, 2014 SOLD

View of Ronda Bridge, Oil on Canvas, 20”Hx20”W, N. Baur Dillen, 2014 SOLD

This fall, Rick and I flew to Las Vegas, rented a car and drove to Bryce Canyon and Zion National Parks, and Red Rock Canyon. Now, I’m so inspired I can’t wait to finish the paintings I’m doing and get into a new “on the road” memory painting series.

If anyone is interested in prices on these paintings or others, please email me at dillenart@earthlink.net and I will get back with you promptly.