I have dealt with the landscape, as it exists in nature, used elements within the landscape that set up barriers for change, played with creating imaginary, surreal landscapes by juxtaposing fruit and vegetables into real and ambiguous spaces, developed imaginary characters and placed them in totally imaginary mindscapes, and used the whimsical qualities of animals within the landscape.

In all of my work, I am intrigued with color and space within the landscape. Recently, my aim is to merge imagery of the real and unreal, the romantic and the dramatic. Two concepts reflected in my work are the need to accept things as they are, and the need to dream. The more my work evolves the more complex it becomes. I compete with myself to find new and challenging solutions to the painted composition. The natural world connects with the imagined. Reality and fantasy join.



Like artists prior to the twentieth century, I use dry pigment and burnt plate oil (refined linseed oil) to make my own paint medium. Burnt plate oil, because of its viscosity requires the paint to be applied in thin layers. After taking an egg tempera workshop with artist Fred Wessel, I decided that the ancient egg tempera technique of painting with many layers, would work well with my oil painting medium. Thus, my love for drawing merged with my fascination with color. Now, I am able model form with tonal values, glaze with color, push and pull the elements to create the spatial relationships that I strive to achieve in a composition.

Founding member: Ten Women in Art.

Gallery: Mary Woerner Fine Art, W. Palm Beach, FL

Website: www.dillenart.com