“What you get with the Melbourne painter is plenty, with perfect compositions that range from the whimsical to the menacing, and that, despite the artist’s protestations to the contrary, inspire viewers to think.”

Spaces: Space Coast Style and Design, “Those Who Can… Teach,” Maria
Sonnenberg, pages 54-64, September/October 2007

“Nancy Dillen’s colorful mosaic column beckons like a beacon to visitors at the Eau Gallie pier. Adults enjoy the visual nuances of the work, while children light in the tactile beauty of the piece.”

“Dillen, professor emeritus at Brevard Community College, was selected by the Olde Eau Gallie Riverfront Redevelopment Agency Advisory Committee to design an outdoor art project that would represent the city’s spirit.”

The Times, “Landmark Logo,” Maria Sonnenberg, pages 1 & 18, August 1, 2007, vol. 29, No. 31

“Dillen’s “Superior Mirage” shows what appears to be personal upheaval. As well it should: she recently retired from directing the art program at Brevard Community College.”

Florida Today, “Show Goes Back On,” by Pam Harbaugh People Section # April 27,
2007, page 4E

“An award winning artist, Dillen is a founding member of the Florida artists’ group know as “The Ten,” and recently sold a large triptych for $20,500 to a collector in Stuart.”

Florida Today, “Nurturing the future of The Arts,” by Pam Harbaugh, Section G, Sept. 18, 2005, page 2

“Nancy Baur Dillen’s surreal art gives the viewers a giddy glimpse into the artist’s fantastical imagination. Huge tomatoes turn into mountains, green peppers float in epic space, exotic flowers feed hummingbirds while a giant groundhog pops out of the ground. Dillen is also known for her vivid otherworldly hues, which she makes herself from oil and ink dyes.”

Florida Today, “Exhibit Moves from Spiritual to Whimsical,” Pam Harbaugh, People
Section E, April 3, 2003, page 2E

“View Nancy Dillen’s art work though, and you will think you have fallen into a
surreal hole in the ground and landed where up is down, large is small and Salvador
Dali and M.C. Escher are running for president.”

Florida Today, “The Surreal Art of Nancy Dillen,” by Pam Harbaugh, 6F, November
1, 1992.