2018 Dillen Update

Visual Poems: Paintings by Nancy Dillen

From September 15, 2018 through March 15th, 2019, the Harry P. Leu Gardens will feature a mini-retrospective of oil paintings by Nancy Baur Dillen in their Garden House Welcome Center. The exhibit called “Visual Poems” includes seventeen artworks from a variety of her painting series…Water Circus, Woodchuck, and Other Landscape Series. The Welcome Center is open from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. daily. On Saturday, November 17, at 10:30, Nancy will give a slide presentation and gallery talk about her artwork. The public is asked to register on the Harry P. Leu Gardens’ website (https://www.leugardens.org) on their event site under “classes” to attend. 

1NightR PopUp Art Event

This is a special 1 night art sale to make space for new artwork. 

1NightR Pop Up Art Event. Get lucky. Get some. Great art by award winning artists: Julie Chabrian, Nancy Dillen, and Susan Martin. Artwork priced to sell. One night only! during the Eau Gallie Art District’s Friday Art Walk, November 2. Pop in at 1419 Highland Ave. across from Ralph’s Art Supply, between 5:30-8:00. 



2016 Art Update

May 2016 three friends joined me on a 3-week self-directed tour of Sicily. What a great place filled not only with Italian history, but the largest collection of Greek architecture outside of Greece. Landscapes were dry and rugged. Churches ranged from medieval to Baroque; museums documented their rich past. The people were very friendly and helpful especially when we were lost or needed advice.


When we returned our Peugeot rental car in Palermo, the man checking for damage walked around and around the car. Threw his hands up and said, “Impossible, impossible! No damage!!!” Guess he was to surprised 4 US women could survive 3 weeks driving in Sicily without any car damage. Of course, most Sicilian city streets were never designed for cars. Our car’s GPS was a tremendous help for navigating roundabout intersections. Not speaking Italian was another challenge. We learned quickly that being lost was the norm, but it was all part of the “travel adventure”.


After returning home I created a few paintings from several of my favorite places:


Breaking Away, (the painting is a scene of an olive grove at the “Valley of the Templi“ outside Agrigento. Even though the painting doesn’t show ruins, the site is one of the best examples of Greek art and architecture.) Oil on Canvas, 12”H x 12”W, N. Baur Dillen, 2016 ©


Distant Danger (Mt. Etna had a minor eruption the day we left!), Oil on Canvas, 12”H x 12”W, N. Baur Dillen, 2016 ©


Grotto Trail, (The painting depicts a storm approaching as we traverse a very overgrown trail at the Zingaro Nature Preserve where my friend, Susan Martin, fell and broke her hand… a minor setback!) Oil on Canvas, 12”H x 12”W, N. Baur Dillen, 2016 ©


Where Next? (Segesta is one of the best preserved Greek temples in the world just southwest of Palermo.), Oil on Canvas, 12”H x 12”W, N. Baur Dillen, 2016 ©


Fall 2016 my husband, Rick and I drove to North Carolina to see the fall leaves. Unfortunately, we also got a preview of the smoke from wild fires that filled the mountain valleys with smoke that later took over large areas around Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge, TN devastating parts of those communities.

2015 Art Update

May 2015 I enjoyed a fun filled trip to the Big Apple with several artist friends. We saw plays every night, ate delicious food, and went to as many art museums as possible. My favorite play was “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time.”


During the fall my husband and I traveled to Colorado and experienced the chilling winds and vast vistas from Pike’s Peak outside Colorado Springs. Afterwards, we traveled south to Santa Fe to visit friends, explore the art scene and hike the nearby Galiesteo Basin Preserve. So far, no paintings have evolved from that year’s experiences even though I took a huge amount of pictures. No telling where or when they will appear.

March 2015 Art Update

Art wise, March 2015 started out with a real bang. Two of my paintings were submitted and accepted into the “Kaleidoscope 2015: Exploring the many facets of art” juried competition at Art and Antiques Studio Fine Arts Gallery in Melbourne. My painting Swamp Voices won Best of Show!


Interested in prices, email me at dillenart@earthlink.net. Want to visit the gallery? Go to Art and Antique Studio and Fine Art Gallery’s webpage: http://www.artandantiquestudio.com to get directions and business hours.

2014 Art Updates

2014 Art Updates

2014 flew by with days filled with travels around the country and abroad. January through early March I made 3 trips to my hometown, Quincy, FL for a two-person exhibit at the Gadsden Art Center with Liu Nan, Tallahassee artist. There we were warmly received. While there Fish Dreams sold to an anonymous collector from California making my day.

Back in the studio, I worked on several new paintings: Farm Memories and Golden Eye. Each was inspired by local friends and kayaking experiences.

In May, artist and traveling friend, Susan Martin and I spent 23 days in Portugal and Spain. Fifteen days were part of a tour through the Iberian Peninsula where we stayed in Spanish paradores and Portuguese pousadas, medieval monasteries, historic fortresses, and stately palaces.

Always inspired by the open landscape, Portugal and Spain offered cork tree and olive groves. The rolling terrain ranged from fields of intense reds, greens, and yellows to earthy, muted browns. Blurring flowering bushes hugged the roadways yielding to deep eroded ravines, curving roads, snow topped mountains, and vast plains spotted with grazing sheep, bulls or donkeys, windmills, castle relics, farmhouses, and distant villages. Each twist in the road heightened my expectations for what was coming next. Using colored pencils on the pages of my small sketchbook I quickly grabbed snippets of sites that I saw and created narrative impressions of fleeting memories. As a result, several traveling companions watched me work and liked my sketches. Two requested paintings. I was so inspired by the colors and spontaneity of mark that I couldn’t stop painting. I realize I have enough material to continue painting from my sketches and photos for a very long time.


Windmills on the Road to Toledo, Oil on Canvas, 20”H x 24”W, N. Baur Dillen, 2014 SOLD

Olive Grove on Road to Toledo, Oil on Canvas, 20”H x 20”W, N. Baur Dillen, 2014

Olive Groves and Melia Trees on the Road to Ronda, Oil on Canvas, 20”H x 20”W,

N. Baur Dillen, 2014 SOLD

Leaving Evora, Oil on Canvas, 24”Hx20” W, N. Baur Dillen, 2014

Sheep Grazing in Field on Road to Toledo, Oil on Canvas, 24”Hx20W, N. Baur Dillen, 2014 SOLD

View of Ronda Bridge, Oil on Canvas, 20”Hx20”W, N. Baur Dillen, 2014 SOLD

This fall, Rick and I flew to Las Vegas, rented a car and drove to Bryce Canyon and Zion National Parks, and Red Rock Canyon. Now, I’m so inspired I can’t wait to finish the paintings I’m doing and get into a new “on the road” memory painting series.

If anyone is interested in prices on these paintings or others, please email me at dillenart@earthlink.net and I will get back with you promptly.


2013 Art Updates

2013 was a full year of art and travels. Time was spent preparing for a two-person show that will be featured at the Gadsden Art Center in my hometown of Quincy, FL in January 10-March 8, 2014. I also completed several paintings: Time Steps, Swamp Voices, and Dame Baybean.      

Time Steps, 34”x24”, Oil on Canvas, 2013, N. Baur Dillen ©

Swamp Voices, 32”x32”, Oil on Canvas, 2013, N. Baur Dillen ©

(See Dame Bay Bean below)

In April and May my friend Susan Martin and I went to Europe for three weeks. There we visited five major cities: Luxembourg, Prague, Vienna, Budapest, and Stuttgart. The main reason for going was Susan’s invitation to display three of her paintings in the Luxembourg Biennale, a very prestigious show.

(Susan Martin with Alice’s Garden (http://www.susanmartinpainting.com)

Each city presented new adventures in traveling and unexpected learning experiences that we will never forget.   Back home, my painting Fish Dreams received 3rdplace in the Nature Category and was displayed in the Strawbridge Art League’s Juried invitational show VIVA 500 that traveled to three sites: Melbourne Beach Library, Cocoa Beach Library, and Orlando City Hall’s Terrace Gallery.

Fish Dreams, 32”x32”, Oil on Canvas, 2012, N. Baur Dillen ©

In June, I was invited to create a painting for the “Flor 500 Participatory Art Project”, organized by Xavier Cortada. The resulting painting was Dame Bay Bean (http://www.xaviercortada.com/?page=FLOR304).

Dame Bay Bean, 14”x11”, Oil on Canvas, 2013, N. Baur Dillen ©

In July/August, my painting Wind Catcher was shown in “Aesthetics of Nature,” the St. Augustine Art Association’s Nature and Wildlife Juried Exhibit.

Wind Catcher, 36”x36”, Oil on Canvas, 2008, N. Baur Dillen ©

September and October four paintings were featured in two national juried shows. “small work-BIG TALENT” was an exhibit at Las Laguna Gallery, 815 Laguna Canyon Road, Laguna Beach, CA from September 7 – 28. The gallery received hundreds of image submissions. Eighty-eight artists’ works were selected for display. A quote from the gallery by Van Gogh states, “Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.”   Colonel Wiener and Ensign Billiewere my featured paintings. Both are 10” x 10” oil paintings.

Colonel Wiener, 10”x10”, Oil on Canvas, 2011, N. Baur Dillen ©

Ensign Billie, 10”x10”, Oil on Canvas, 2011, N. Baur Dillen ©

 “Animal Other” was the theme for the exhibit at the Shemer Art Center, 5005 E. Camelback Road in Phoenix, AZ. Dates: September 12- October 17. Guest curator, Ally Glowacki, posed the following questions: Is there a point where animal ends and human begins?  Western philosophy suggests that the being known as “Animal” is forever positioned on the complete opposite side of the divide; a divide that reassures “Man” as superior.  But, is that divide permeable?  Nonhuman animals, especially those species that interact with us, such as domesticated dogs, transcend that divide on a daily basis. Not human and no longer just animal, these species occupy a new type of existence referred to as “Animal Other.”   Ready to Play? and Billie Blue were featured in this show. Both are oil paintings on canvas 12” x 12”. Two prizes were given. Ready to Play? won the First Place award. I traveled to Phoenix to attend the opening and visit friends. Curator, Ally Glowacki said that Ready to Play? epitomized the essence of the concept of show’s theme.

Ready to Play?,12”x12”, Oil on Canvas, 2011, N. Baur Dillen ©

Billie Blue, 12”x12”, Oil on Canvas, 2013, N. Baur Dillen ©

November through December, Susan Martin and I were among 100 artists included in the “National Invitational of Fine Art, Craft and Design” at the Dunedin Fine Art Center.  The work will be on display through December 23, 2013.   Where:            Dunedin Fine Art Center, 1143 Michigan Blvd, Dunedin, FL https://www.dfac.org.

Whelk, Acrylic on Shaped Canvas, 31×54”, 2010, Susan Martin ©

After Autumn, Oil on Canvas, 30×24”, 2012, N. Baur Dillen ©

In addition to creating my own artwork, I have been helping the Eau Gallie Arts District Main Street Design and Mural Committees with a couple of major projects. We are finalizing the design for new “Wayfinding” street signs, as well as planning the sixth and largest mural to date painted on the south wall of Maxine’s Salon and Spa. The muralist is nationally known Andrew Spear who lives in Orlando, FL. The mural “Look Around You”, will be completed the weekend of November 23 & 24th. Here is a detail of what has been completed.

Look Around You (Detail, overall c. 1825 sq. ft.), artist: Andrew Spear

December 6-28th my painting Ottersea will be displayed at Las Laguna Art Gallery in Laguna Beach, CA. It is one of 50 paintings by 35 artists accepted into their theme show  “Animal Fairy Tales, Fables, Fact or Fiction”.  According to the gallery’s website:

Throughout the history of the world in cultures near and far, animals have played a huge part in the world of art. 

From the beginning of time when man first scrawled a buffalo on cave walls to the present time; animals are characterized and depicted in stories, cartoons and movies. The rich history of animals represented in mythologies and folktales is endless. These animals awaken our creative spirit and feed our imagination. From the years of the zodiac to the spirits of totem poles animals and animal icons play a huge part in our everyday life.

For more information about the exhibit, go to the Las Laguna Art Gallery website: http://www.laslagunagallery.com and select current exhibit to see my painting. I think you will agree with me that this would be a fun show to see.

Ottersea, Oil on Canvas, 24×24”, 2011, N. Baur Dillen ©

Frieda Kahlo once said, “I don’t paint dreams or nightmares, I paint my own reality.” Here is hoping that our future brings us many more new and surprising visual realities. Keep imagining and creating!

Dillen Art Updates

Well, it has taken a couple of years, but I finally revised my website. Thanks to McBride Marketing Group located in Melbourne, FL I have a new website. Periodically, I will update you with my latest paintings, art happenings, and topics of interest.

This fall has been very rewarding. In August I taught a Drawing and Figure Drawing class at Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts. I love going there to take classes and/or teach. I have either taken classes or taught there since 1982. What a great place for renewal, inspiration and stimulation!

September, Rick and I traveled to Shawnee, OK to celebrate with artist friends Fran Hardy and Bob Demboski, creators of “Earth Chronicles Project, The Arist’s Process:Oklahoma” and Dane Pollei, director of the Mabee-Gerrer Art Museum the opening of an exhibit Fran curated and the debut of their PBS documentary. Check out Fran’s blog and see how their documentary series is developing at: http://earthchroniclesproject.blogspot.com/

In October, Florida Today arts writer, Pam Harbaugh featured my involvement in the Eau Gallie Arts District in an article entitled “Artist Nancy Baur Dillen adores Eau Gallie district’s village vibe”. Florida Today 2012.09.30

October and November I taught drawing for three days to Delia Lancaster’s 7th and 8th grade art classes at St. Joseph’s Catholic School in Palm Bay. The invitation to teach was based on a Target grant she received to bring in “real” artists to work with her students in various forms of art. Each day I taught the students a variety of drawing techniques and concepts like gesture, positive and negative shapes, and contour line drawing with edge shading. The students enjoyed the new ways of seeing everyday objects and their work reflected their discoveries. Click on this link to a pdf of the school’s newsletter, and you will find an article about me on page 3, and photos of the students’ work on page 9. https://dillenart.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/November-2012.pdf

Blackberry WinterMid November, my oil painting Blackberry Winter was included in the 3rd Annual Juried Exhibition at the Florida Museum for Women Artists in DeLand, FL. The work will be on display through January 12, 2013. The museum’s website has the juror’s statement and examples of work displayed. Join me from 1-3 p.m on Saturday, December 1st when a gallery talk will be presented. Plus, there is nothing like seeing the work in person. Road trip anyone! http://www.floridamuseumforwomenartists.org/exhibitions/current-exhibitions-2/

Another totally different surprise… Rick and I were asked to be a part of an advertisement promoting a new “senior resort” Victoria’s Landing opening in May, 2013 in the Eau Gallie area. Check it out, but don’t blink the first few seconds. You might miss us!

That’s all for now. Have a great holiday season!