Woodchuck Gallery

Woodchuck Series

The woodchuck series resulted from hearing a story told to me by my husband of an experience he had when very young on a farm in Pennsylvania. One hot summer day, he was approached directly by a woodchuck that was apparently in a daze.  Attempts to frighten the animal failed until it was extremely close. For a long time thereafter, the encounter caused him to be very timid of woodchucks.

During the summer while painting on location in Cade’s Cove in the Great Smoky Mountains I saw uncultivated fields with woodchucks foraging for food and accomplishing their daily tasks. The sight brought back my husband’s story. My experiences painting from nature “en plein air” made me aware of nature’s constant struggle for survival. When we are in their environment we are the invaders and must respect their needs.

In this series, the woodchucks are searching for a place where they can live in harmony with nature and the manmade environment. Their journey to find a private place is ongoing, and a metaphor for everyone’s struggle for discovery and fulfillment. It is a story that each viewer writes.