Works on Paper

This page consists of a variety of graphite, tinted graphite, charcoal, Prismacolor pencil, Conte’, soft pastel drawings, and acrylic paintings and sculptures on paper. I started developing this series after years of creating detailed charcoal drawings as the first layer for my oil paintings. Then numerous layers of transparent colors were used to develop my final composition. My love of drawing won out, and I started developing this new series of drawings that continues to fascinate me.

Artist’s Statement

For the graphite and tinted graphite drawings shown below, what makes my artwork unique is my ability to reveal unexpected worlds populated with haunting faces and hidden objects in veined canyons and the fringes of a single dried leaf. What new things can I do that will make the experience of looking at my artwork a real treat? For me, art should have surprises and be a feast for the eyes. My goal is for others to discover the joy of really looking at art. Above my easel I have posted a sign that says, “Do the unexpected!”